Hochleistungsrechnen (HPC)

Hinweis: Aufgrund der Zielgruppe sind die Dokumentationen zu den HPC-Systemen in Englisch. Allgemeine Informationen zu den Dienstleistungen der HPC-Gruppe am RRZE finden sie auf den RRZE-Webseiten.

The HPC group of RRZE operates a number of clusters and related systems for scientists at FAU.


The following table lists the available clusters and their key properties. To get further information about each cluster, click on the cluster name in the first column.

Cluster name #nodes target applications Parallel
Meggie 728 massively parallel Yes No This is the RRZEs newest cluster, intended for highly parallel jobs. Access to this cluster is restricted.
Emmy 560 massively parallel Yes No This is the current main cluster for parallel jobs
LiMa ~300 serial to moderately parallel Yes No
Woody 176 serial throughput No Yes Cluster with fast single-socket CPUs for serial throughput workloads
TinyGPU 14 GPGPU No Yes, some
with SSDs
The nodes in this cluster are equipped with NVIDIA GPUs
TinyFat 25 large memory requirements No Yes, some
with SSDs
This cluster is for applications that require large amounts of memory. Each node has between 128 and 512 gigabytes of memory.
TinyEth 20 throughput No Yes Cluster for throughput workloads.

If you’re unsure about which systems to use, feel free to contact the HPC group.

Other systems

Dialog server

This machine can be used as an access portal to reach the rest of the HPC systems from outside the university network. This is necessary, because most of our HPC systems are in private IP address ranges that can only be reached directly from inside the network of the FAU

HPC storage

RRZE operates a powerful storage system for HPC.

LRZ systems

Users that require huge amounts of computing power can also apply to use the HPC systems of the „Leibniz-Rechenzentrum der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften“ in Garching neat Munich.

Linux Testcluster

The Linux Testcluster consists of a diversity of systems (countless X86 variants, ARM, …) intended for benchmarking and software testing. Contact the HPC group for details. Access to certain machines may be restricted owing to NDA agreements.

Windows HPC-Cluster

From 2008 until June 2018 RRZE operated a Windows HPC cluster installation (16 nodes; each with two hexa-core AMD Opteron Istanbul processors and 32 GB memory) with Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server.

Software environment

The software environment available on the RRZE hpc systems has been made as uniformely as possible, in order to allow users to change between clusters without having to start from scratch. Documentation for this environment can be found under HPC environment.